Honeywell Movilizer

Connecting two worlds

Honeywell Movilizer is a major communication platform for the industry, infrastructure, transport, logistics and construction sectors. LAMA Empowerz is highly experienced in mobile process solutions. Honeywell Movilizer is a key business partner in this regard. Our smart and practical applications have helped thousands of LAMA Empowerz customers’ satisfied mobile device users easily carry out process tasks.

Honeywell Movilizer and LAMA Empowerz have introduced far-reaching process efficiency which boosts our customers’ business profitability.

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Supports from A to Z in mobile processes

Based on our domain knowledge of business processes, LAMA Empowerz creates flexible building blocks which can be combined to create powerful apps for IBM Maximo and others.


LAMA Empowerz is an expert in the integration of Honeywell Movilizer with IBM Maximo. Our motto: keep it as simple as possible and stick to the basics.


Why Honeywell Movilizer?


It is a leading and innovative worldwide supplier of cloud-based mobility workflow solutions


It enables companies to implement ground-breaking strategies to carry out business processes and customer service


It provides a multi-tenant cloud platform that offers global supply and support services


It develops simple mobility solutions which it can quickly implement on any operating system or device

Honeywell Movilizer in practice

Let us quote one of our customers:

“Thanks to the integration of our IBM Asset Management tool Maximo and the mobile enterprise platform Movilizer, our people can now easily access all Maximo processes on mobile devices.

Our efficiency and agility in the field have increased enormously.”

Making and optimizing business processes mobile is fantastic with Honeywell Movilizer . What you should too!


Mike Limburg

Technical Consultant and Movilizer expert


Maximo Integration Framework

The Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) is the basis for all outgoing and incoming messages in the LAMA Empowerz applications.

Advantages of the LAMA Empowerz applications:

Swift implementation


In line with your own business process


Safe & efficient

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