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Your properties may well be one of your most valuable assets. Proper management ensures consistently safe, comfortable and sustainable properties. Aside from the building itself, proper maintenance is also required for the mechanical systems like heating, cooling and ventilation, and the electrical systems like access control and power.

Proper maintenance starts with complete and up-to-date information on the condition, use and expected maintenance of your properties. These form the basis for everything from the Long-term Maintenance Plan (LTMP) to your day-to-day maintenance processes.

LAMA empowerz is an experienced building management partner. Our solutions show you both the forest and the trees, optimise your assets and help your organisation run fast and effective management processes.

Why choose LAMA empowerz for building management?


Manage all of your property costs in one place


Overview of all planned and actual costs


Integration with BMS for building automation


Regulatory compliance


Total support for Strategic, Tactical and Operating processes on a single platform


Support for NEN 2767 and NL/SfB

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