Public space management

A clear overview of all the management complexities

Provinces, municipalities, water districts – all are grappling with future-oriented public space management. Critical assets like roads, canals, facilities, lighting and green space need the right levels of attention for a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

The main question for managers: ‘How do we manage these assets as efficiently as possible?’ On the one hand, you want to reduce pubic spending, but on the other hand, you want to maximise quality and minimise risks. Nothing irks people more than an unexpected road of bridge closure. The solution? Manage your public spaces with IBM Maximo and LAMA empowerz!

Our solutions make your public spaces transparent. You can see all objects for all disciplines at a glance, including current and target quality levels. The software also supports your work with the relevant standards and methods:

  • Roads
  • Civil
  • Trees
  • Lighting
  • Green space
  • Sewer
  • Sports & recreation
  • Furniture
  • Waste
  • Cemeteries
  • Real estate

We support the entire line-of-sight: across all processes and disciplines, from strategic to operational:


  • Vision
  • Long-term Maintenance Plan
  • Programming & budgeting


    • Planning
    • Planned maintenance


      • Monitoring
      • Inspection
      • Maintenance
      • Notifications

        Why choose the innovative solutions of LAMA empowerz?


        Support for all standards


        Application of all methods


        Reliable partner


        Standard PSM processes

        The LAMA empowerz solutions for public space management support all common standards, such as IMBOR 2022 and NEN 2767. We are also a partner of the CROW knowledge platform. All management methods are available for optimal asset management. We fully support your process with our process templates, and together with your organisation, we ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

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        Public space management

        In this video, we discuss the challenges on the market for public space management. Want to know how we do it?

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        LAMA empowerz and public space management

        Our software lets governments see both the forest and the trees. For this, LAMA empowerz offers the best people, knowledge and tooling: whether setting up your maintenance management systems, creating a template for a Long-term Maintenance Plan (LTMP) or helping brainstorm around strategic considerations in the use of sensors or AI.

        Issues we work on:

        • How do we ensure a smooth management process without unexpected breaches, risks or costs?
        • How do we ensure that management and replacement are an integrated and sustainable process?
        • What form of digitisation would best suit the management organisation of the future?

        Our ideal for public space management?

        Knowing what will go wrong before it goes wrong.


        Laurens Molenkamp

        Managing Consultant

        IBM Maximo for public spaces

        Thanks to our IBM business partnership, Maximo offers tooling that empowers governments with practical solutions to complex management issues. In this process, Maximo is simple to interface with third-party applications.

        Dit betekent dat wij inzicht en processturing bieden en het assetmanagement voor onze opdrachtgevers vereenvoudigen. Dat levert tijd en kostenbesparing op. Met onze kennis adviseren wij overheden over toekomstige oplossingen.


        Trends in management

        Did you know that we can manage public green spaces using satellites? Imagine being able to digitally monitor an entire province and indicate where and how pruning should be done, all without the CO2 emissions from inspection rounds.

        That’s why LAMA empowerz for the management of public spaces.


        Further information

        LAMA empowerz knows how essential proper asset management is to large infrastructure projects. Want to submit an impressive tender? Be sure to have a strong partner for your asset management software.

        Looking for a strong partner for asset management software?

        We are always ready to serve you with our in-house knowledge and experience.


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