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Solutions that LAMA empowerz has developed in IBM Maximo, tailored to your situation.

LAMA Asset Management Framework

LAMA Asset Management Framework

Fast and effective Asset Management implementation based on the ISO 55000 standard.
LAMA empowerz is a Mavim partner.
Object Type Library

Object Type Library

Structured management of your asset configuration data in accordance with applicable standards (such as NEN 2767 and IMBOR) in IBM Maximo.

Prestatie Meet Systeem

Performance measurement system

Monitor your DBFM contract agreements and automatically generate periodic reports and invoices.

Schouw App

Monitoring app

A digital map to support your field staff in their day-to-day monitoring processes. Simple and easy logging of new notifications with information on the progress of past notifications.

LAMA Asset Management Audit

LAMA Asset Management Audit

Direct information on the current state of your Asset Management organisation and potential improvements to professionalise your maintenance organisation.

LAMA Compliancy Manager

LAMA Compliancy Manager

Bring your maintenance into full compliance with current laws and regulations. Direct insight into changes in laws and regulations and the consequences for your organisation.

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