Infrastructure projects need effective and innovative asset management software

LAMA empowerz offers all the tools you need for efficient and effective management of complex infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, railways and airports. We draw on our years of experience with numerous clients in the infrastructure sector, on both the management side and the contractor side (asset owners/managers and service providers). We also have expertise and experience with Performance Measurement Systems (PMS), such as Contract Monitoring, part of DBFM contracts. Our solutions support all of your processes, including day-to-day maintenance, monitoring, inspection and planned maintenance.

For optimal control over your processes and performance, our solutions let you measure and improve:

  • Performance
  • Management costs
  • Risks
  • Safety

IBM Maximo provides all the solutions you need for optimal asset maintenance and control:

  • Fast and effective inspection and monitoring with IBM Maximo Mobile
  • Complete and transparent information on ArcGIS maps with IBM Maximo Spatial
  • Optimal configuration management with the LAMA empowerz OTL Maximo module
  • Efficient scheduling with IBM Maximo Scheduler

Why choose the innovative solutions of LAMA empowerz?


Better intelligence

Complete information on assets for better performance


More control

Take your organisation to the next level with enhanced monitoring and control


Better results

Guaranteed added value for your organisation

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Experience in infrastructure

LAMA empowerz offers ample experience with infrastructure firms. We understand that mobile connectivity is critical because many employees are on the go or onsite. So everything must be mobile, and processes must be fully integrated. We make this happen for our clients. Our mobile solutions ensure that your back office and onsite personnel have access to realtime data, for fast and efficient process setup.

With our IBM Maximo asset management application, we guarantee our infrastructure clients four key benefits in their day-to-day work: flexibility, data security, stability and performance. These assurances are especially vital if employees are often on the go and have to take quick decisions onsite.

Further information

LAMA empowerz knows how essential proper asset management is to large infrastructure projects. Want to submit an impressive tender? Be sure to have a strong partner for your asset management software.

Looking for an optimal partner for your asset management software?

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