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As a LAMA empowerz client, you can count on getting all the support you need.

LAMA Supportdesk

LAMA empowerz Support Desk

Our support desk is ready to help your organisation:


Available daily from 8 am to 6 pm (24/7 service possible on request)




Client portal also available

LAMA empowerz Application management

The value of your business application hinges on its proper use. We support your organisation in this, with an onsite application consultant and with remote support. Together, we’ll figure out the right type, frequency, duration and team:

  • Support for users and key users with day-to-day questions
  • Support tickets for non-urgent matters that require functional attention
  • Drafting of proposals for change for major modifications along with your organisation
  • Support with release management for controlled implementation of changes
LAMA Applicatie beheer
LAMA Technisch beheer

LAMA empowerz Technical management

We work based on a professional IT foundation. We keep your application environment secure and in top form by:

  • Reviewing available updates, patches and security fixes and identifying their impact on your organisation
  • Implementing required updates and patches
  • Always planning and performing administrative tasks in consultation with you, to minimise the impact on your operations

LAMA empowerz Hosting

Our implementations start with the right professional IT approach. We have a keen eye for the right hosting:

  • NEN 27001-certified
  • Hosting at a Tier III data centre in the Netherlands
    All necessary measures in place for optimal uptime, performance and fallback
  • LAMA empowerz backups under the 3-2-1 principle (3 backups on 2 different media and with 1 third party)
LAMA Hosting
Lama monitoring

LAMA empowerz Monitoring

LAMA empowerz maximises your application uptime with LAMA empowerz Monitoring. With active monitoring of applications, environments and processes, LAMA empowerz stays ahead of the alerts and averts costly downtime. When an attention value is breached, LAMA empowerz Support is notified immediately and takes action to head off any issues.

  • 24/7
  • Server Monitor
  • Application Monitor
  • Connection to LAMA empowerz Support

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