Well begun is half done.’ This old adage still applies to the rapid and professional implementation of new asset management software and processes. Our seasoned implementation team has numerous successful implementations under its belt. We focus on results, validate processes with our clients and further develop them based on our domain knowledge.

Professional IT foundation

Our implementations start with the right professional IT approach. We have a keen eye for the right hosting, security and governance – all ISO 27001-compliant.

LAMA Asset Management Model

The LAMA empowerz Asset Management Model supports a fast and reliable implementation of the right asset management solution in your organisation. Our process templates are based on our in-depth knowledge of the domain. We use these for rapid and professional validation and further development of your existing business processes. Naturally we work according to industry standards, such as ISO 55000, NEN 2767 and IMBOR 2022.

Some of the processes we know:

  • Policy
  • Configuration management
  • Maintenance concepts
  • Workflow management
  • Resource management
  • Environment, Health & Safety
  • Finance
LAMA asset management model

Clear and predictable

We enjoy extensive knowledge of your domain and your sector. We know the sticking points in your organisation and the issues to address. What’s more, we also know how to do it. We always implement our solutions based on the triangle of cost, time and scope – no hidden snags or unpleasant surprises with us. We prefer to work onsite, to get an even better feel for your organisation and processes. The team we deploy comprises seasoned professionals and is tailored to your needs. Thanks to our agile/scrum methodology, we can always adjust quickly as needed.

Benefits of implementation with LAMA empowerz:


Tried-and-tested and results-oriented


Secure and professional IT foundation


Our NEN 2767, ISO 55000 and CROW 2022 standards


Professional team tailored to your needs

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