How will the industrial sector use new asset management technologies in practice?

Asset management is vital to industry. Maximum uptime at the best possible price/performance ratio is crucial. Certainly a challenge, as the average age of assets and employees continues to rise. This is also known as the ‘ageing workforce’ and ‘ageing assets’. Asset knowledge mainly resides in the minds of experienced employees. What happens if they leave the company? And how do you deal with ageing machinery? What is the best way to manage old and new machinery?

The IBM Maximo Asset Management computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) lets you manage the entire life cycle for your assets and work processes. This way, you achieve lower maintenance costs, better control over your management processes, less downtime, better performance and a longer service life for all your assets.

A good asset management system shows you both the forest and the trees. For safe, seamless and efficient operations. You can optimise productivity by averting unplanned maintenance and failures. You can also minimise downtime with efficient scheduling of required maintenance.

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We know your business, and have extensive domain knowledge from our years of experience in industrial organisations. Under the LAMA Asset Management model, we also help your organisation deploy and improve Asset Management. IBM Maximo is your practical and innovative solution for all your Asset Management processes.

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The impact of digitisation on industry is growing by the day. New technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are spawning all new processes. These exciting advances require smooth interaction and proper management of old and new assets. To maintain your edge, you have to stay ahead of these developments. LAMA empowerz offers industry expertise and the best software suite to support businesses with digitisation.


Our vision for industry

The industrial market faces a variety of challenges. Curious how we meet them?

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LAMA empowerz and industry

We give our industrial clients a clear view of both the forest and the trees, and help them improve asset performance in the areas of compliance, availability, reliability, risks and costs. For this, we offer the best people, knowledge and tooling: whether setting up your asset management solution, deploying a maintenance concept or helping brainstorm around strategic considerations in the use of sensors or AI.

Some examples of asset management issues in industry:

  • What is our degree of compliance with all legal obligations?
  • How do we keep total control over all of our assets?
  • How do we prepare an annual plan for all our maintenance activities?
  • Which assets have the highest risk profile?
  • How do we ensure that we stay ahead of the competition?

“How we approach asset management in the industrial sector? Our practical approach lets you grow towards industry 4.0 at your own pace.”


Marko Hardeman

Managing Partner

IBM Maximo for industry

Thanks to our IBM business partnership, we can offer you Maximo as an all-in-one suite that empowers industry with practical solutions to complex management issues. Maximo is also simple to interface with third-party components for industrial automation (SCADA, PLC Next). The Maximo suite features professional Industry 4.0 components that let you gain and keep a competitive edge.

LAMA empowerz gives you insight into process control and simplifies your asset management. This saves you both time and money. We share our expertise and advise industrial firms on future solutions, with a keen eye for their current starting point. From there, we work together with you to figure out the right path forwards. This process is thorough, but also fast where possible.

Trends in industrial asset management

Did you know we can use automated knowledge to help engineers conduct visual inspections? Just imagine: prompt, 24/7 fault detection and correction. Read more in our white paper ‘IBM Maximo Visual Inspection’.

For these reasons and more – LAMA empowerz is the right choice for industry.


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LAMA empowerz knows how essential proper asset management is to large industrial projects. Want to submit an impressive tender? Be sure to have a strong partner for your asset management software.

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