IBM Maximo Service Provider

Manage contracts, services and invoicing

Are you in the business of managing assets for clients? If so, IBM Maximo Service Provider is a real lifesaver. Improve customer satisfaction with smart management of contracts, compliance with agreed SLAs and efficient invoicing.

Improve customer satisfaction with Service Management, Contract Management and Invoicing.

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The benefits of IBM Maximo Service Provider:


Improve customer satisfaction


Keep track of all customer contracts and SLA agreements


Simple, easy and accurate invoicing


Get paid quicker for your services


Direct insight into your organisation’s performance

Your challenges

Your organisation manages numerous assets for a wide variety of clients and organisations. Each client has its own SLAs, contract agreements and implementation process. This makes management of day-to-day operations complex and inefficient. Sending out the right invoices takes a lot of manual work and coordination with the client, resulting in late invoices and delayed payments. You also fail to identify and capitalise on opportunities for more turnover, because the exact scope of the contract is not clear.

This affects customer satisfaction, turnover and payment times.

IBM Maximo Service Provider

IBM Maximo Service Provider helps your organisation achieve success as a service provider. IBM Maximo Service Provider supports the entire process, from onboarding to invoicing:


  • Easy onboarding process
  • Powerful self-service applications so clients can submit their own messages and approvals


  • Flexible contract and price models
  • Extensive response plan library for work standardisation
  • SLA monitoring


  • Automatic invoice preparation
  • Customer review
  • Quick and easy insight into turnover and margin figures

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